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Apple iPhone 8 Plus 5.5″, 64 GB, Fully Unlocked, Silver Review

Apple iPhone 8 Plus 5.5″, 64 GB, Fully Unlocked, Silver Review


Model: A1864-64-Silver



    • 5.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen LCD multi-touch display with IPS technology and Retina HD display
    • 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras, Optical image stabilization and Six‑element lens
    • All new glass design with A color‑matched, aerospace‑grade aluminum band
    • Splash, water, and dust resistant
    • 4K video recording at 24 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps



A1864-64-Silver Reviews

“Strong And Fast Smart Phone And We Like Ours! ”

I just traded in my iPhone 7 Plus to get a brand new iPhone 8 Plus and I love it. The glass case is beautiful. I am also fond of the screen as it’s crisper and the color is ideal on the screen. I bought a golden phone for my wife and a silver telephone to get myself.This phone is quickly. Donâ$™t believe other remarks you might see because I formally rate and run speed tests on my phones. The gold telephone, we purchased, has been rated the quickest phone smart phone on earth at this time. Itâ$™s Antutu evaluation is 219575 and also the second silver phone is ranked at 216318. This phone just blows away my iPhone 7 Plus with both pace and downloading apps and animation quality. My older iPhone 7 Plus was rated in 178438. This rate is due to the newest A11 Bionic chip with 64 bit architecture.This cellphone has the newest bluetooth 5 which succeeds bluetooth 4.2. Bluetooth 5 is backward compatible to the previous versions. The new bluetooth has double the speed of the 4.2 model and approximately 4 times the scope. That is amazing since it uses less electricity and its own message capability is 255 bytes versus 31 bytes which makes the data payload of the 4.2 version rated at 20 bytes max. This is a major space and data transmission increase in functionality. I notice it when I lay down my telephone and walk away and also my Apple Watch 3 is still attached once I’d lose connection with my old iPhone.The phone was made to be IP67 for splash, water and dust resistant. The camera remains 12 MP but it has excellent functionality with optical zoom and digital zoom as much as 10 times. It also still has the portrait camera mode together with the blurred background Bokeh effect using both of the rear cameras. It utilizes the new portrait lighting manner to make your photos look more professional.In the video recording mode I genuinely like the 4K video recording with 30 or 60 fps. Obviously you still have front facing camera with 7MP caliber for face time or selfie photography. The slow movement mode is fine when shooting sports events or shooting wildlife videos.The telephone is a bit larger but remains fits into the majority of the iPhone 7 Plus cases. The brand new iPhone 8 Plus weighs only a little more at 7.12 ounces versus 6.63 ounces. The battery life is identical from the specs but for me personally it appears to be a bit longer at 22.4 hours. The evaluation is 21 hours.The new phone is only available in 64 GIG or 256 GIG storage capacity.Overall this is a superb phone. I’m delighted with our new phones and it is a fantastic update in power and performance.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus 5.5″, 64 GB, Fully Unlocked, Silver Review | A1864-64-Silver Review


“Best Iâ$™Ve Had! ”

I love this phone! I updated in the iPhone 7. I would need to say this is among the greatest iPhones I have ever had, and I upgrade every year. The camera is The portrait mode is pretty cool, as well as the front facing camera appears to be clear, (less grainy). The display is brighter, the true tone display actually makes a difference on the screen. This phone is far faster than my 7. The speakers are louder too. This mobile has a lot of the same specs as the upcoming iPhone xray, but still feels as though an iPhone. I was going to find the x ray, but determined that I’d wait until the following generation of that telephone. If you can get the majority of the very same specs as iPhone x to get less, together with the familiarity and dependability of the iPhone we’re used to, why not do that?

Apple iPhone 8 Plus 5.5″, 64 GB, Fully Unlocked, Silver Review | A1864-64-Silver Review